Automated Motion and Vision Systems

Turn-key Automated Systems and Sub-Systems

SIDAC specializes in the concept development, design, and manufacturing of intelligent vision and motion centric systems. Intelligent automated systems are an essential part of efficient, quality assured and traceable manufacturing processes.  Our systems employ a combination of precision technologies that guarantee speed, accuracy and repeat-ability in the most demanding environments.

Systems and sub-systems include: the design, fabrication, installation and integration of new stand-alone systems, on and offline, and of automated systems into new or existing lines and processes.

We use 2D and 3D vision to identify and inspect products, and integrate electro-mechanical or pneumatic rejection stations to sideline items that don’t meet a predefined, customer determined specification.  Our smart conveyors deliver your product precisely to stations where it can be picked, placed, examined or sorted by high speed Servo Cartesian or Robotic handling under Machine vision guidance.

Our team will integrate various controller platforms with robotics, vision, pneumatics, sensors, smart conveyors, operator interfaces and safety devices to create a smoothly operating high throughout system. Trace-ability and data acquisition features are available as well. Because manual inspection requirements are eliminated and other labor costs reduced, efficiency and quality increase. The programmability of many components also allows manufacturing lines to adapt with minimum changeover to switches in process and product.




Bottle Inspectionbottle inspection

Tire and Rim Inspectiontire and rim2  Carton ID Inspectioncarton ID inspection

 Coffee Pod Inspectioncoffepod

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XY Gantrygantry

Autonomous Robotsa. robots  Static RobotsMH165-100_robot_600px

 Test Standstest stanf

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