Aluminum Structural Framing Solutions

Parker IPS Design Center

From concept to completion

Working with Parker IPS Extruded Aluminum, the designers and technicians at SIDAC’s IPS Design Center will analyze initial design requirements and produce CAD drawings to meet all hard-guarding requirements.

On approval of 3D drawings materials are manufactured, assembled and packaged ready for installation around your equipment.

The SIDAC IPS team can integrate and install Parker IPS structural materials with safety interlocks and through beam safety devices, ensuring your equipment meets and exceeds all applicable safety standards.

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Everything you need to build anything


Aluminum Strut Profiles

  • 100+ Aluminum Strut Profiles in stock
  • Rectangular and square profiles
  • Flat side surfaces available
  • Numerous Sized T-Slots

Connection Elements

  • 90 and 45 degree cubed connectors
  • Multipurpose connectors
  • Miter and inner brackets
  • Joint and bolt connectors


  • Finishing essentials and end caps
  • Securable castors and wheels
  • Ball Catches, Sliders and Hinges
  • Locks and handles


  • Adjustable and ergonomic
  • ESD Work Surfaces
  • Tool hangers and lighting


  • Custom made machine frames 
  • Doors with integrated interlocks
  • Guards and enclosures

Machine Frames

  • Custom flow racks
  • Material handling carts
  • Roller conveyors

Benefits of Aluminum

  • Extremely short turnaround times
  • No welding, grinding, cleaning, painting, or distortions
  • Greatly reduced costs over traditional manufacturing processes
  • Flexibility to re-configure as requirements change
  • Lightweight
  • Easy storage
  • Easy fabrication
  • Great aesthetics
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